Welcome to psyvisnet!
Psyvisnet is an online network of healthcare professionals who work with people with a visual impairment and psychiatric comorbidities. On Psyvisnet you can find a collection of information that is relevant for working with this target group. Information is presented in various ways, such as articles, methodologies, interesting meetings and organizations that support people visually impaired and blind people who experience psychiatric problems. 

Dutch website
As you might have noticed the website is developed in Dutch. Psyvisnet is hosted by the Robert Coppes Foundation, a Dutch organization that supports people with a visual impairment and psychiatric comoborbidities. A translation tool can be used to get access to the Dutch content available on Psyvisnet. 

Contribution and contact
Feel free to contribute with your knowledge to Psyvisnet. You can add your own documents to the library. Do you have any questions about using or contributing to Psyvisnet? Do not hesitate to contact the host of Psyvisnet!